Business Continuity Consultants International (BCCI) is a select group of highly experienced, certified Business Continuity and Risk professionals who have assisted organizations throughout the world in every aspect of developing business continuity management programs, reducing organizational risk, and increasing operational resilience. Our two decades of diversified experience is called upon in each consulting engagement to provide unique solutions that fit our customers’ business requirements.

Business Continuity Consultants Intl. is focused on one discipline–protecting its customers’ assets through risk mitigation techniques and cost effective resiliency solutions. We are the best at what we do!


Business Continuity Consultants Intl., Inc., is an independent consulting company with a passion for finding the solutions that are right for you.  To be most effective, resiliency and risk mitigation programs should be developed from an organizational perspective.   We use a teaming approach that brings together diverse, individualized strategies into a cohesive program.

As the economy and market competitiveness challenge your operations, Business Continuity Consultants Intl.’s experts will use their creativity and experience to blend sustainable solutions into your operational environment enabling your organization to be more efficient and more resilient.

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